Practice areas

Employment Law

In this area of law as well, Tilia Law takes a proactive approach, which entails identifying potential issues as soon as possible in order to prevent problems before they arise.

We have a proven track record advising and assisting Belgian and foreign investors. In this context, we have acquired extensive expertise in all aspects of international employment and the cross- border provision of services.

We believe in simple, direct communication in  the language of the client’s choosing and have experience handling both individual and collective disputes.

Individual employment law

  • negotiation and drafting of individual employment contracts
  • assistance with the termination of employment contracts
  • drafting and implementation of work rules and other internal corporate policies
  • provision of day-to-day assistance to HR departments with respect to personnel management (drafting addenda to employment contracts, handling discrimination and harassment issues, explaining the impact of new technologies in the workplace, etc.)
  • internal and external audits, for example in response to the takeover of a company or branch of activity
  • criminal aspects of employment law
  • intellectual property rights in the context of employment law
  • protection of personal data in the context of employment law

Collective employment law

  • negotiation and drafting of collective bargaining agreements
  • transfers of undertakings and branches of activity, including outsourcing
  • advice and assistance in the context of collective dismissals and business closures
  • assistance with respect to the resolution of collective labour disputes

Social security law

  • advice on and resolution of disputes regarding social security law, for both employees and self- employed persons
  • secondments within and outside the EU
  • assistance to (management) companies and services providers concerning the social security aspects of their operations