About us

Tilia Law is an independent law firm.

Our clientele comprises mainly domestic and foreign concerns (from multinationals to SMEs) plus a wide range of interest groups and trade associations. We also serve the requirements of public agencies and private individuals.

Our practice focuses on business law in the broad sense. This particularly encompasses commercial and economic law, company law, European and competition law, individual and collective labour law, immigration law, pension law and commercial litigation. Our experience in these various domains enables to take a multi-disciplinary approach to the cases we deal with.

Within these areas, our firm offers companies day-to-day assistance as well as advice restricted to particular projects.

In addition, we also offer our clients in-house support. A number of our firm's lawyers have extensive experience in providing daily legal services within the client's own corporate walls.

Our independence allows us to provide advice without any ties and at attractive rates. In addition, we work together with other service providers where this is necessary for optimal handling of your case.

As a firm, we attach great importance to building up a close relationship of trust with our clientele. This interaction allows us to gain a better view of our clients’ needs and react quickly with appropriate, bespoke advice. It also enables us to work pro-actively. Our clients in turn know exactly what they can expect of us.

The close, direct involvement of a partner guarantees continuity in following up cases and means that clients have a permanent contact they can speak to within the firm.

The many years over which we have worked together with a steady client base show just how valued our approach is.